Tasked with developing mind control technology, a cybersecurity programmer turns rogue to save mankind from a telepathic manipulative boy.

In 2051 Boston it’s good to be Nick – a partying cybersecurity prodigy, who believes that the mandatory microchip implants are nothing but safety measures. Kate – Nick’s crush from college – brings troubling news that the microchips monitor everyone’s thoughts. Kate’s demo triggers a raid, which forces the two to flee, turning Nick’s life upside down. When S.G.O.A. – the government’s watchdog organization – gives Nick an ultimatum – write a mind control program or get thrown in jail – Nick has to leave behind his posh lifestyle, in order to found the resistance.

The lives of billions of people become at stake, as the behind-the-scenes battle unfolds between Kyle and Eve – telepathic and hyperaware eight-year-old twins, who ran away from home, where they were abused and bullied because of their gifts.

In order to make the right decision and prevent a worldwide genocide, Nick has to learn to trust his own heart, and to discern his inner voice from Kyle’s attempts to manipulate him.

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